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‘New York Times’ Fails To Disclose That Every Editor Dating Mohammed Bin Salman

NEW YORK—Readers across the country were reportedly criticizing The New York Times Monday for publishing a positive article about the leadership of Saudi Arabia that failed to disclose that every editor on the newspaper’s staff was dating Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. “Our article about the rise of freedom in Saudi Arabia published yesterday neglected to disclose that all of our editors are involved in romantic and/or sexual relationships with Mohammed bin Salman, including executive editor Joseph Kahn, managing editors Marc Lacey and Carolyn Ryan, and opinion editor Kathleen Kingsbury,” the editor’s note appended to the end of The Times’ recent article “In Saudi Arabia, Brighter Days Ahead” read in part, adding that most of the relationships started around the time of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. “Besides MBS’s polycule with our three deputy managing editors and his torrid three-way love affair with columnists Gail Collins and Bret Stephens, several of our copy editors are in situationships with him. The Times should have disclosed this fact in our most recent article, as well as in several other articles and opinion pieces that have painted the Saudi monarchy in a positive light. We should also disclose the fact that we are writing this present disclosure on MBS’s private plane. Regardless, however, we believe these pieces stand on their own, even though we’re all in love with him. You would be, too, if you knew him. He’s a very caring lover.” At press time, readers were questioning whether the fact that all The Times’ editors were dating the Saudi crown prince was the reason the answer to today’s Wordle was the letters MBS with two hearts.

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