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Popular New TikTok Influencer Just Teaches Teens To Tie Nooses

LOS ANGELES—Quickly amassing young followers in the tens of millions, popular new TikTok influencer Eva Belle just posts videos teaching teens how to tie nooses, sources reported Thursday. “So, I’m using bright yellow today, but you can use whatever color you want,” said the social media personality in a recently posted video, whose viral content inspired teenagers across the country to try their hand at creating fun nooses they could hang from their bedroom light fixtures or another sturdy spot. “I also like to add some glitter to my noose, it’s very Y2K! Also, guys, please, please, please make sure you wrap it several times. Otherwise, instead of your neck snapping instantly, you’ll be slowly strangled to death, which, ugh, cringe.” At press time, Eva Belle had appeared on the The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to demonstrate how easy it was to stockpile pain pills.

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