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Parents Cheer As 8-Year-Old Son Chokes Out Opponent In UFC Jr. League Match

LAS VEGAS—Standing up and shouting at the referee as his opponent landed an illegal knee from half guard, Mitch and Ashley Felden cheered on their 8-year-old son, Tanner, Saturday as he secured a submission victory in his UFC Jr. League match. “It’s great for a kid’s confidence when they learn how to roundhouse kick an opponent,” said Felden of his son, revealing that he had bet part of the child’s college fund on the fight. “MMA has really taught him resilience—he didn’t even cry while getting his face stitched up last time. We enrolled him in combat sports at 6, which is actually a pretty late start these days. He’s taken to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but a lot of kids switch to wrestling once they get to high school. We’re happy either way, as long as he’s pummeling people.” At press time, UFC suspended Tanner for seven months after he climbed over the octagon cage and attacked his opponent’s trainer.

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