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Pence Creates Exploratory Committee To Find More Charismatic Candidate To Attach Self To In 2024

WASHINGTON—Confirming the vice president was already “testing the waters,” Beltway insiders reported Friday that Mike Pence had created an exploratory committee to find another candidate more charismatic than himself whom he could serve as running mate in 2024. “Mike Pence hopes to win office in four years by joining the ticket of someone who actually displays a discernible personality of some kind,” said exploratory committee co-chair James Conroy, adding that he had begun surveying potential candidates who possessed any degree of personal magnetism—any at all—and thus might propel Pence back to the vice presidency. “Right now, we’re poring over the data to ensure the vice president makes a good decision about whose coattails he should ride going forward. As in 2016, there won’t be any litmus test based on ideology or character, so long as Mr. Pence is able to hold a prestigious position while doing little more than remaining silent and nodding from time to time. He doesn’t even care if it’s a Republican or a Democrat. He might have some trouble if it were a woman, but at the end of the day, he’s a seasoned VP ready to be unswervingly loyal to anyone who can win the White House.” At press time, Conroy stated that within 24 hours of its formation, the exploratory committee had successfully identified over 320 million Americans with more charisma than Mike Pence.

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