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Experts Warn Everything That Will Happen Between Now And November 2022 Could Spell Trouble For Democrats In Midterms

WASHINGTON—Stressing that literally any occurrence in the coming year might threaten the party’s fragile hold on power, political experts warned Wednesday that everything that will happen between now and November 2022 could spell trouble for Democrats in the midterms. “Unfortunately for Democrats, anything that occurs in the next 12 months—really anything at all—could be a portent of a midterm upset,” said political analyst Gary Chiang, describing how every coming event that transpires before the election could have serious repercussions for the Democratic Party, including passing climate change legislation, not passing climate change legislation, a proxy war in Asia, Nancy Pelosi sitting down in a chair, the death of giant panda Mei Xiang, winning down-ballot races, the complete implementation of the Build Back Better agenda, or a shortage of turkey around Thanksgiving. “An oil spill in the Gulf Coast? That’s a worrying sign for Democrats. On the other hand, a cloudy day in Washington in January? That could also prove disastrous come November. Really anything that happens in America or abroad from here on out might destroy the party’s chances to retain their congressional majority.” Chiang added that the only event that would not spell doom for Democrats would be for the White House to announce a full-scale ground invasion of Afghanistan.

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