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Parents Sign Up Mitch Trubisky For Rec Soccer Team In Hopes He’ll Develop Interest In Sports

MENTOR, OH—Figuring that, at worst, it would be a good way to get him outside, parents of Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky confirmed Thursday that they had signed their son up for a community rec soccer team to see if it would spark any sort of interest in sports for him. “We’ve had a hard time over the last few years trying to get Mitch excited about athletics, but sometimes kids need a little push on these things,” said father Dave, admitting that he had assumed that the dedication to sports displayed by all of Trubisky’s friends would have rubbed off on him, but that his son still seemed disinterested and mentally somewhere else when everyone around him was competing. “We just think it’s important for a boy his age to be running around, getting fresh air and exercise. I was telling Jeanne that if this doesn’t take, we can try baseball, or there’s a summer swim league he might like, too. I think he would have a real aptitude for this stuff if he just applied himself. And who knows, he might even have a little fun.” At press time, Mitch Trubisky was being carried off the field crying after getting hit in the face by a ball five minutes into the game.

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