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PGA Golfer Hoping To Hit The Office If Round Finishes Early

HONOLULU—Wiping the sweat from his head as he studied a baffling putt angle on the eighth green, PGA golfer Grant Fahey told reporters Friday that he was hoping to hit the office later if his round finished early. “It’s been a long week out on the links, but it’s all worth it to know that I can take off this hat and kick back with my buds on the fourth floor of the Mirabel Office Park,” said Fahey, who admitted that if he could make a go of it, he would be approving time sheets in an office every day of the week. “I don’t think I can pull a full eight hours after this, but even just an hour answering emails is worth it to blow off some steam. Breathing the recycled air, feeling the fluorescent lights on your skin, there’s nothing like it after hours and hours walking across grass and staring at the sun. Even if you don’t get any good work, it can just be fun to get drunk with your buddies in an office.” At press time, Fahey was lying to his wife and assuring her he was still on the links from a quiet corner in the copier room.

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