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PornHub To Delete All Content It Can’t Verify Is Really Between Stepson And Stepmother

MONTREAL—In an effort to add strict safeguards to the content shared to its platform, adult video giant PornHub announced Tuesday it would be deleting millions of uploads that it was unable to verify were really between a stepson and a stepmother. “Our site has taken this unprecedented step in an effort to provide our users with the assurance that any media they’re watching is bonafide stepson-on-stepmom incest action,” said CEO Feras Antoon, telling reporters they would no longer accept any user submissions that didn’t also include a marriage certificate to ensure the taboo familial connection is as genuinely titillating as possible. “These new strictures will allow users to enjoy viewing shy stepsons caught masturbating by big-titted MILFs without having to question the video’s validity or origin.” PornHub also announced plans to permanently ban all cucking videos where it’s really obvious that the husband would be able to see his wife fucking someone else with his peripheral vision.

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