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Elena Kagan Worried She’s A Fraud After Being Only Female Justice Not Called Out By Trump

WASHINGTON—Expressing doubt over whether she deserved of all her accolades, Supreme Court Associate Justice Elena Kagan was reportedly worried Tuesday that she was a fraud after being the only female justice not called out by President Donald Trump for being biased against him. “Has my career meant nothing? I feel so invisible,” said Kagan, gazing at her reflection in a mirror and questioning what it was her fellow female justices have that she herself lacks. “I mean, I was solicitor general as well as dean of Harvard Law School and I thought that was impressive, but does that even really mean anything if the president isn’t calling on me to recuse myself from cases involving him? This man should hate me, yet he hasn’t said a word about me voting against his wealth test for immigrants, or any of my other rulings. Am I just a big phony?” At press time, Kagan was trying to comfort herself by considering that a mistaken Trump might think she was actually a Bush appointee.

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