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Pundits Warn Removing Marjorie Taylor Greene From Committee Assignments Could Leave Her With Free Time

WASHINGTON—Calling on the U.S. House of Representatives not to do something it might regret, political pundits from several major news outlets warned Thursday that removing Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) from her committee assignments would only leave her with more time on her hands. “If she has a lot of free hours in her workday, she’ll wind up using them to spin conspiracy theories, harass the survivors of school shootings, or openly advocate murder on Facebook,” said ABC chief anchor George Stephanopoulos, who echoed the concerns of many observers when he suggested it might be best if the freshman lawmaker and QAnon supporter was kept as busy as possible. “Why leave her twiddling her thumbs when you could put her on a bunch of committees where she’d be overwhelmed by endless hearings and tedious parliamentary maneuvers? Personally, I think it’d be prudent to assign her to the Agriculture, Ethics, Small Business, Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, and Armed Services committees. Maybe put her on some Senate committees too. Whatever it takes to keep her occupied.” An hour after a House vote was scheduled to remove Greene from her committees, sources confirmed she had already tweeted out a theory that climate change was caused by secret Muslims running extension cords up to the Arctic Circle and placing space heaters near all the biggest glaciers.

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