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Report: Lincoln Memorial Most Powerful Testament To Nation’s Passion For Sitting Down

WASHINGTON—Confirming the monument’s resonance endured a century after its construction, a new report released Monday found that the Lincoln Memorial remained the most powerful testament to the nation’s passion for sitting down. “The Lincoln Memorial stands as a noble and powerful reminder that regardless of color, faith, or creed, taking a load off and plopping down remains one of the country’s foremost ideals,” read the Pew Research Center report in part, which found that over 80% of Americans agreed that the Lincoln Memorial was the nation’s most meaningful symbol of the patriotic belief in taking a seat to rest their tired feet for a minute, with Boston’s statue of John Harvard and Cincinnati’s James Bradley statue a distant second and third. “Americans are a sedentary people, and sitting has long been one of the nation’s most valued and powerful stances. It’s a position that is so ingrained in the American character that President Lincoln sat down right up until he died, a martyr for his cause of remaining seated. The Lincoln Memorial sits as a resolute tribute to our shared beliefs and history.” The report added that Americans continued to disapprove of statues of Confederate generals because although many of them were sitting, they were sitting on horses, and the nation overwhelmingly rejected any memorials that celebrated the lost cause of physical activity.

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