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The Onion’s Fall 2021 Album Preview

Fall 2021 will see a bevy of hotly anticipated albums from both well-established and up-and-coming artists, many of which were written and recorded during the coronavirus pandemic. The Onion looks at the most-anticipated albums of fall 2021.= (Ed Sheeran): Industry experts expect these songs will be played softly in grocery stores for decades to come.The Metallica Blacklist (Metallica): The band generated widespread excitement with the announcement that their new album will be all covers, but unfortunately the covers are all of their own songs.God Is Partying (Andrew W.K.): In what may throw off longtime Andrew W.K. fans, this album will be about partying.Donda (Kanye West): Despite already releasing this long-awaited tribute to his mother, Kanye will almost certainly draw this one out with edits, tweaks, and meltdowns.Red (Taylor’s Version) (Taylor Swift): This rerelease of the 2012 blockbuster shows an artist willing to push her art to at least 30 tracks.Music Of The Spheres (Coldplay): A concept album about space and music across a universe where that kind of thing hasn’t already been done by better bands.Love For Sale (Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga): Before retiring due to Alzheimer’s, Bennett is giving one last shot at making Lady Gaga dial it back a bit.The Lockdown Sessions (Elton John): The quarantine gave John plenty of time to write 4.5 million different versions of “Candle In The Wind” that honor each person who died from Covid-19.

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