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Trump Signs Executive Order Establishing ‘1946 Commission’ To Teach How America Started At President’s Birth

WASHINGTON—Telling reporters the organization would help combat decades of left-wing indoctrination about the country’s founding, Donald Trump signed an executive order Friday establishing the “1946 Commission,” a project dedicated to teaching students that America started at the president’s birth. “For too long, liberals have deceived our students into thinking the miracle of this country’s origin stretched back to 1776, when the reality is it didn’t really come together until one beautiful June morning at Jamaica Hospital in Queens, New York,” said Trump, explaining that he had been inspired to create the commission after learning the disturbing fact that 9 in 10 U.S. high school students failed to name a single one of the Trump relatives in attendance at his birth. “One of the most incredible and patriotic moments in the history of the United States occurred when I emerged from my mom’s birth canal, and this commission is going to make sure kids know they have to use that lens to look at pivotal points in the country’s development, like when I got into Wharton or when I renovated the Commodore Hotel. But we also want to make sure kids know more. There are hundreds of beautiful women that I’ve slept with, and these names are being forgotten.” Trump added that the commission would also combat the persistent left-wing propaganda that Barack Obama was the 44th president of the United States.

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