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Trump Threatens To Leak Debate Video Online If Moderator Keeps Asking Unfair Questions

NASHVILLE, TN—In an effort to curb what he called her “aggressive tone,” President Donald Trump threatened during the debate Thursday night to leak a video of the event online if NBC moderator Kristen Welker kept asking questions he deemed unfair. “By the way, since you’re asking such biased questions, you should know that I’m having this whole thing recorded,” Trump said to Welker, who during the president’s debate against challenger Joe Biden had asked what his administration would do to marshal a robust federal response to the recent surge in Covid-19 cases across the nation. “This has been very unfair from the get-go, and the American people deserve to see for themselves exactly what goes on in a live prime-time debate. So tomorrow, or maybe the next day, I just might decide to tweet out a video of what happened here tonight so everyone will know what the fake news is doing with all these nasty questions. Trust me, they’re going to be completely disgusted by what they watch.” At press time, Welker interrupted Trump to say that the time allotted to him had elapsed.

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