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Trump Vigorously Defends Kenosha Shooter As Racist White Supremacist

WASHINGTON—Taking a firm stand ahead of his visit to the Wisconsin, President Donald Trump vigorously defended Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse Tuesday as a racist white supremacist. “People are taking his actions completely out of context, but you’ve got to realize this kid was a brave racist who crossed state lines to kill and injure Black Lives Matter activists,” said Trump, echoing the opinion being expressed by many popular voices across conservative media and suggesting that the shooter merely wanted to protect white America. “This a good, proud white supremacist. As pure-blooded as they come. He had no choice. The mob was challenging his worldview and left him with no option but to kill those standing in opposition to his racist ideology. Many are trying to smear him by saying he only acted in self-defense, but the evidence reveals this was a kid who just loved the police state.” At press time, Trump added he only wished Rittenhouse would have managed to shoot more protesters.

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