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Warner Brothers Releases Extended Snyder-Cut ‘Justice League’ Poster

LOS ANGELES—Calling it an expansive new take on the DC Universe that would satisfy fans for years to come, Warner Bros. offered a statement Thursday confirming the official release of the Snyder Cut Justice League poster. “Zack always wanted Justice League’s poster to be much longer than its original 27-by-40-inch dimensions, and this extended edition delivers on his vision and then some,” said Warner Bros. CEO Ann Charnoff as she unfurled the 50-yard-long poster depicting Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and the Flash. “Of course, fans will always be able to go back and enjoy the original poster, which Joss Whedon cut down to a more manageable size. But Zack Snyder’s Justice League poster was always about making something huge that fans could keep looking up and down for hours without running out of new details to find—whether it’s Cyborg hidden in the picture’s corner or Easter eggs that hint at exactly what was going on in the poster for Batman v Superman. Trust me: This is going to be a poster that blows fans away.” At press time, Snyder had come under fire after the revelation that the poster barely featured any female characters despite being half the length of a football field.

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