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World’s Biggest ‘Avatar’ Fan Couldn’t Be More Excited About ‘Frontiers Of Pandora’ Announcement

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND—Expressing delight to see the return of his favorite franchise after so many years, a 66-year-old man who is considered to be far and away the world’s biggest fan of Avatar told reporters Monday that he could not be more excited about the upcoming Frontiers Of Pandora video game. “Oh man, it’s been so long since we got to explore Pandora, so seeing all my favorite characters again is going to be amazing,” said the former Los Angeles resident, who regularly wears Avatar apparel, saw the original movie in theaters over a dozen times, and still talks to friends at length about his theories concerning the origins of the blue humanoid Na’vi. “God, it’d be awesome if they go really deep on the deity Eywa and how the Tree of Souls unites all of the Na’vi against the pillaging of Pandora for Unobtanium—just to remind people about what made the first one so original and innovative. Maybe that’s asking too much, though. Frankly, I’m surprised we’re even getting an Avatar video game. It sort of feels like they created this game just for me.” At press time, the Avatar fanatic added that he hoped the announcement meant more incredible James Cameron properties such as The Abyss and True Lies would eventually be adapted into triple-A video games.

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