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‘Anyone See ‘Ted Lasso’?’ Biden Asks World Leaders, Trying To Steer Conversation Away From Depressing Topic Like Climate Change

WASHINGTON—Moments after the international summit commenced, President Joe Biden attempted to steer world leaders away from the depressing topic of climate change by asking if anyone had seen the Apple+ sitcom Ted Lasso. “Before we move onto that IPCC models stuff, I wanted to ask: Anyone seen this new sitcom? Basically, it’s a classic fish-out-of-water setup about an American soccer coach in England—and, let me say, Jason Sudeikis plays the role to a tee,” said the president, addressing the largely silent foreign diplomats as he described a running gag involving Lasso bringing in homemade cookies to his ornery boss as an encapsulation of the show’s charm, before turning to Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga to explain that it was the same guy who made Scrubs and Cougar Town. “Now, I’ll be the first to admit it can get a little treacly at time, but this isn’t a show that’s trying to reinvent the wheel. Sometimes, you just want something to pick you up after a long day at work. Oh wait, let me show you this clip of Sudeikis accepting his Golden Globe. I promise you’ll like this, Macron.” At press time, Biden had cut off a discussion about dangerous concentrations of hydrofluorocarbons in the atmosphere to announce unprompted that he could really go for some Indian food right about now.

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