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Biden Extends Olive Branch To Biden Supporters

PHILADELPHIA—In a largely measured speech calling for party unity after a string of primary victories, former Vice President Joe Biden took to the stage Tuesday night to extend an olive branch to Biden supporters. “I appreciate the enthusiasm and energy of Joe Biden’s voters, and I want any of his supporters who feel lost or counted out to know that there is a place for them with my campaign,” said Biden, stressing that while he and the vice president did not see eye to eye on every issue, they both shared values that represented a bold new vision for the American people. “Of course, I might have occasionally clashed with Joe Biden in the more strained moments of recent debates, but we also worked together for many years in the Senate. At the end of the day, whether you’re a Biden supporter or a Biden supporter, we have the same goal, which is to get Trump out of the White House and replace him with Joe Biden.” At press time, pundits launched into fevered speculations that the candidate’s speech could contain hints Joe Biden was mulling the choice to appoint Joe Biden as vice president.

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