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Biden Vows That If Russia Invades Ukraine, U.S. Will Invade One Country Of Equivalent Value

WASHINGTON—Condemning Putin’s actions across the region in the strongest possible terms, President Joe Biden vowed Monday that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States would invade one country of equivalent value. “Should Russia attempt any incursion on Ukraine, the U.S. will not stand down, and we will have no choice but to use our full military force to invade a different yet similar nation,” said Biden, adding that the U.S. had already investigated several targets with equivalent GDPs, populations, and landmasses to potentially invade should Russia continue it’s unsanctioned war. “America has troops positioned all over the world, and should Putin continue his bullying, I will deploy them against one, or even several small countries, that Russia has zero interest in, but are still valuable when you add them all up together. Putin—you’ve been warned. “ At press time, U.S. troops were stationed along the borders of 17 different countries and awaiting further instructions.

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