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Chris Matthews Warns Bernie Sanders Victory Runs Risk Of Making Him Look Stupid 2 Elections In A Row

NEW YORK—Cautioning voters against walking down such a dangerous path without fully understanding the potential consequences, MSNBC pundit Chris Matthews warned Hardball viewers Tuesday that Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic party’s nomination would run the risk of making him look stupid in two consecutive elections. “Before anyone casts a vote for Senator Sanders in the primary, they need to look deep inside and consider the ramifications of making me look like a completely out-of-touch idiot again,” said Matthews, insisting that a strong showing from Sanders in early-voting primaries could lead to the complete and utter destruction of the American political commentator’s credibility. “We can’t afford to go down the same road we did in 2016. The cost is simply too great to have another four years of me feeling like a clueless fucking moron. Is that a risk Bernie supporters are willing to take?” At press time, a teary-eyed Matthews brought Hardball to a close by asserting that a Sanders presidency could negatively affect him for decades.

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