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Chuck Schumer: ‘The American People Deserve A President Who Can More Credibly Justify War With Iran’

WASHINGTON—In a pointed critique of President Trump’s foreign policy leadership, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated to members of the press Thursday that “the American people deserve a president who can more credibly justify war with Iran.” “What the American people need is a president who can make a much more convincing case for going to war with Iran,” said Schumer (D-NY), adding that the Trump administration’s corruption and dishonesty have “proven time and time again” that it lacks the conviction necessary to act as an effective cheerleader for the conflict. “Donald Trump is completely unfit to assume the mantle of telling the American people what they need to hear in order to convince them a war with Iran is a good idea. One of the key duties of the president is to gain the trust of the people so that they feel comfortable going along with whatever he says. President Trump’s failure to serve as a credible advocate for this war is yet another instance in which he has disappointed not only his colleagues in Washington, but also the entire nation.” Schumer later concluded his statement with a vow that he and his fellow Democrats will continue working toward a more palatable case in favor of bombing Iran. 

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