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Democrats Attempt To Woo Joe Manchin For Reconciliation Bill By Taping Single Hershey’s Kiss To Latest Draft

WASHINGTON—In their latest effort to bring the centrist lawmaker aboard for the party’s signature legislation, Democrats reportedly attempted to woo Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) Monday by taping a single Hershey’s Kiss to the reconciliation bill’s latest draft. “Although we understand Joe won’t budge on certain issues, we thought a sweet little treat might be just the thing to help move the needle,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) of the foil-wrapped chocolate candy, which the majority leader had taped to the 329th page of the $2 trillion bill’s provision for a Child Tax Credit next to a smiley face and the words “For You, Joe!” “Frankly, anything that helps inch us closer to a Clean Energy Standard is worth trying, and if that means sweetening the pot with a tasty morsel to brighten up Senator Manchin’s day, then so be it. Just making him smile is worth the effort, either way.” At press time, Schumer added that should Manchin find the confection to his liking, there could be several more Hershey’s Kisses coming his way.

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