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Democrats Criticize Trump For Attacking Greta Thunberg Instead Of Praising Her Bravery, Ignoring Her Later

WASHINGTON—Describing his behavior as deeply inappropriate, Democratic leaders roundly criticized President Donald Trump Tuesday for attacking climate activist Greta Thunberg instead of just offering her praise and then subsequently ignoring her. “Yet again, we have seen the cruel and vindictive nature of a president who thinks it’s acceptable to hurl schoolyard taunts at this wonderful young woman instead of acting very interested in what she has to say and then doing nothing whatsoever about it,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, adding that this incident raised questions about the fundamental decency of someone who would mock a 12-year-old activist when he should be gleaning whatever social capital he can from her and then pretending as though she never existed. “I want to say right now to Ms. Thunberg that Donald Trump’s dismissive comments do not represent the country as a whole. I assure you that the next time you want to speak to leaders who could benefit from being associated with climate activism, the Democratic party is here for you as long as the cameras are rolling and not a second longer.” Hoyer went on to condemn Fox News for launching ad hominem attacks against Thunberg instead of merely criticizing her proposals as unrealistic and anti-business.

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