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House Democrats Issue Condemnation Of Ukraine For Making It Harder To Avoid Impeaching Trump

WASHINGTON—In an effort to hold those responsible to full account, congressional Democrats issued a resolution Monday condemning Ukraine for its role in making it harder to avoid impeaching President Trump. “It’s completely unacceptable for Ukraine’s leaders to engage in these potentially criminal talks that have pushed us perilously close to taking action against the president,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, telling reporters that the bill, H.R. 2995, would “send a powerful message” to any nation or individual who would attempt to force Democrats’ hands at conducting oversight. “If these allegations are true that Ukraine allowed itself to be blackmailed by President Trump, we have no choice but to denounce these actions in the strongest possible terms. It’s deeply reckless for Ukraine to push us towards investigating criminal behavior, especially so close to an election year, and we hope this resolution will put an end to that.” At press time, Pelosi had expressed her satisfaction that the bill had been approved after receiving widespread Republican support.

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