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DNC Bows To Pressure By Adding Andrew Cuomo To Increase Ethnic Representation On Debate Stage

LOS ANGELES—In response to criticism that its threshold for participation has reduced the diversity on stage, the Democratic National Committee announced it would increase ethnic representation in Thursday night’s debate by allowing New York governor Andrew Cuomo to take part. “We heard loud and clear from Democratic voters how important it is to have a panel of debaters that reflects the diverse fabric of America, and so we’re grateful to Gov. Cuomo for agreeing to join tonight’s event on such short notice,” said DNC spokesperson Philip Aldridge, adding that now more than ever it was vital for Democrats to show they are the party of all Americans, whether they be white, Sicilian, Sardinian, or even Venetian. “Inclusion is at the heart of everything the DNC strives for, and Italian Americans are a group that, especially if you look back at the late 19th and early 20th centuries, has been historically underrepresented in positions of power. What better way to show that the Democratic Party truly cares about people of color?” At press time, DNC officials had confirmed that due to space restrictions, Cuomo would be given Andrew Yang’s podium at the debate.

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