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Miffed Biden Warns Trump’s Undignified Behavior Could Cost Him Cabinet Post

NASHVILLE, TN—Growing increasingly frustrated with the president’s behavior over the evening’s proceedings, a visibly miffed Joe Biden warned that Donald Trump’s undignified behavior at the debate Thursday could easily cost him a cabinet position. “Folks, what you’ve seen tonight from my friend is conduct that’s obviously beneath becoming my Treasury secretary” said the former vice president, expressing evident distaste as he turned to his debate partner, jabbed his finger in his direction, and made a forceful argument for why Trump could never become the secretary of housing in 2021 despite it dovetailing “quite nicely” with his career as a New York City real estate magnate. “Mr. President, with all due respect, I came into this evening with an open mind to at least adding you to an advisory role in the Oval Office, but I’m afraid if you don’t watch your tone, you’ll just be showing the American people yet again why we can’t use your significant connections in the business world to help my administration build back better. I’m sorry, sir, but that’s where we’re at.” The Democratic candidate concluded the evening with a stirring warning that Trump’s lack of composure only helped show more than ever why a Biden cabinet would instead be stocked with honest Americans like William Barr and Rudolph Giuliani.

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