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Frustrated Jared Kushner Doesn’t Get Why Everyone In Media Attacking His Qualifications Like They Didn’t Just Get Jobs Through Nepotism Too

WASHINGTON—Amid widespread criticism of the key role he has played in President Trump’s Covid-19 response, a frustrated Jared Kushner confirmed Friday he was struggling to understand why everyone in the media was attacking his qualifications as if they didn’t also get their jobs through pure nepotism. “I don’t get why I’m being slammed by all these cable news commentators and opinion columnists who, if they were put in charge of a pandemic by a powerful family member, would smugly assume they knew exactly what to do too,” said the senior adviser to the president, who explained he was especially hurt to see so many of his fellow Harvard University alumni denouncing one of their own. “You guys are acting all holier-than-thou, but if your father-in-law were president of the United States instead of a board member at some media conglomerate, you’d choose to work in the West Wing, too. Just fucking admit it.” Kushner added that this went for “all the little hypocrites” at Fox News too, who he claimed were also judging him, even if they were afraid to say it out loud.

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