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Heroic Secret Service Agent Takes Bull Intended For President

WASHINGTON—Placing his own body between the head of state and a mortal threat without a single thought or moment’s hesitation, Secret Service agent Dan McGuire took a bull intended for President Donald Trump Thursday as they crossed the White House lawn. “I remember seeing suspicious movement out of the corner of my eye, something that could have been a hoof or a horn, and my training just took over,” said McGuire, whose decision to interpose himself between President Trump and the hard-charging 1,200-pound bovine was simply a part of the job he had been prepared to do since his first day at the Treasury Department. “You train for this with rubber simulators, but you never know what it will be to face the real thing. When the adrenaline kicked in, though, it was like everything went into slow motion. There was lots of snorting, and people were screaming ‘Look out!’ and ‘Olé!’ They say there may have been a second bull that just missed us, but I’m definitely the wrong guy to ask. First thing I remember, I was on the ground being told not to move—luckily, the vest took most of the impact.” Secret Service personnel say Agent McGuire is the first security officer to take a bull for the president since 1958 when Agent Arnold Morgan was struck in the chest by a stampede meant for Dwight Eisenhower.

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