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Newly Founded Steyer Institute For Political Research Poll Finds Tom Steyer Leading 2020 Democrats At 95%

NEW YORK—Describing the former hedge fund manager as the most popular candidate across every single demographic group, a poll released Wednesday by the recently formed Steyer Institute for Political Research concluded that 95% of registered Democrats support Tom Steyer for president. “After conducting an objective and highly scientific survey of likely primary voters, we discovered there is a new frontrunner in the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination: Tom Steyer,” said institute director Kat Taylor, who co-founded the think tank earlier this week with her husband, Tom Steyer. “According to our polling, more than nine in 10 Democrats believe Tom Steyer has the best plans to address climate change, healthcare, immigration, and all of the other issues. At the same time, we found that in Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, and 42 additional states, the leading candidate is Tom Steyer.” After reviewing the Steyer Institute’s poll numbers, the Democratic National Committee confirmed not only that Tom Steyer has qualified to participate in September’s debate, but that he is the only candidate to have done so.

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