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Jake Tapper Demands Michael Bennet Answer Question Of Whether He Too Big A Pussy To Take Swing At De Blasio

DETROIT—Prodding the Democratic presidential candidate by insisting the American people deserve the truth, CNN moderator Jake Tapper demanded Wednesday night that Michael Bennet answer the question of whether he was too big a pussy to take a swing at fellow candidate Bill de Blasio. “C’mon, man, Billy Boy’s been running his damn mouth about all kinds of progressive ideas I know you disagree with, and I bet they’re pissing you off, so are you gonna sack up and take a swing or what?” said Tapper, before asking de Blasio a follow-up question as to whether the New York City mayor was “just going to sit there and take it.” “Time’s a-ticking, Senator. There’s no moderate compromise in pussyfooting on this—step up right here in front of the podiums and show the mayor you’ve got the stones to be president. You think the nation is going to trust you with the nuclear arsenal if you can’t even grow a pair and throw a punch? You ready to show the American people watching tonight that you’re a real man, or are you too chickenshit?” At press time, after a weeping Bennet had fled the stage, Tapper turned to Jay Inslee and said the candidate had 30 seconds to address what the fuck he was looking at.

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