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Jason Momoa Brings In Scene Double For Challenging Facial Expression

VANCOUVER, CANADA—Referring to his on-screen doppelgänger as a “total badass,” Jason Momoa, star of the forthcoming Aquaman 2, told reporters Monday he and the film’s producers had brought in a scene double to help execute a particularly challenging facial expression required of his character. “I actually do a lot of my own acting, but when the script calls for something really tricky, it’s always best to call in a professional,” said Momoa, whose agent confirmed the Teen Choice Award-nominated actor had long relied on seasoned Hollywood scene double Phil Westwood to handle more complex emotions such as apprehension, remorse, or despair. “While I can manage a bit of glowering, or even fly into a rage, sometimes you have to think about what’s best for the production and say, ‘Okay, these faces are really hard to make. We need someone who’s trained for this sort of thing.’ I first worked with Phil back on Game Of Thrones, when my character was supposed to be angry and in love at the same time, and it was way too hard to do both. You should see some of the feelings this guy can express—it’s wild.” At press time, sources said production for Aquaman 2 had been delayed so Westwood could wrap up some acting work as John Cena’s scene double in Fast And Furious 9.

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