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John Stockton Claims Covid Vaccine No. 1 Reason Athletes Fail To Win Single Championship

SPOKANE, WA—Saying it played a “dangerous role” in denying perennial all-stars the rings they clearly deserved, Hall of Fame NBA guard John Stockton claimed Wednesday that the Covid-19 vaccine was the No. 1 reason athletes failed to win a single championship. “We have no idea what is in this thing, but it’s obviously destroying people’s legacies by preventing them from ever getting past the Bulls to win an NBA title,” said Stockton, who asserted that hundreds of athletes from across the country had been unjustly kept from reaching the top of their games, and who put all the blame on what he falsely described as an “untested” Covid inoculation. “When you look back and see why some of the best athletes fail to take home a trophy, you can always link it to the fact that they were vaccinated. People like Dan Marino and Charles Barkley never won a championship, and they were vaccinated against dozens of diseases. No one should have to suffer through that. No one should have to fail and have their career end in disappointment that haunts them to this day because of a vaccine that’s being forced on them by the government.” At press time, Stockton’s statement was being pushed out of papers nationwide in favor of Michael Jordan’s comments in support of the vaccine.

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