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‘Loki’ Fan Loves How Show Contains So Many References To Loki

KISSIMMEE, FL—Expressing his enthusiasm over the Disney+ series, area Loki fan Kent Milner told reporters Friday that he loved how the show contained so many references to Loki. “It’s a real treat for MCU fanatics like myself to see the creators include so many subtle nods to the Asgardian God of Mischief in the design, dialogue, and even title of the show,” said Milner, confirming that the show’s first two episodes had already included multiple easter eggs about Loki’s past and upcoming role in the Marvel universe virtually every time Tom Hiddleston appeared onscreen. “Obviously, Disney has been pretty tight-lipped about where the series is headed, but if you follow the breadcrumbs they’ve laid out, it seems pretty clear that the conclusion is going to actually involve Loki squaring off against some sort of rival, potentially even another version of Loki.” Milner added that there was plenty for newcomers to enjoy as well, noting several scenes that featured Owen Wilson’s character talking to someone other than Loki.

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