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Michael Bennet Quietly Asks Aide If Polling At N/A Is Good Or Bad

DENVER—Pulling aside the staffer after a strategy meeting, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bennet (D-CO) quietly asked one of his aides if polling at N/A is good or bad, campaign sources confirmed Thursday. “Hey, so this might be a dumb question, but could you please tell me what that is?” said Bennet, who gestured toward the figures on the presentation slide showing him polling just below John Delaney, Tim Ryan, and Steve Bullock as nearby staffers nervously looked down at their papers to avoid making eye contact with the candidate. “I’m sure it’s good, but I just want to know how good. Is that a fraction of some sort? Is it so high they can’t put a number on it? Close to 100? I was never good at algebra, you know. Ooh, they’re someone’s initials! No? ‘Near Awesome’? ‘No Accounting’ for how good it is? If it was bad, you guys would tell me, right?” At press time, the campaign staff had gone silent as Bennet slammed his fist on the table and declared he was going to run out and grab everybody doughnuts to celebrate.

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