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Moderator Jorge Ramos Asks Candidates How They Would Help Struggling Media Companies With $7.5 Billion Of Debt

HOUSTON—Saying it was time someone finally took a stand for struggling, Spanish-language networks, moderator Jorge Ramos paused the democratic debate Thursday to ask candidates how they would help media companies with $7.5 billion of debt. “No one—not one of you—has told the American people how you would save hardworking broadcast networks who sold themselves out to private equity firms, and also happen to be Hispanic and based in Miami,” said Ramos, who then looked each candidate in the eye and specified that their solutions need to keep in mind that the company in question has no long-term strategy and only ever knew how to make money from streaming soccer games and telenovelas. “Senator Sanders, would you say these companies would benefit from more needless layoffs? Or, Senator Warren, maybe they should just blindly start investing in companies they didn’t know what to do with again? Also, if you feel there is no solution, please be clear about it.” At press time, every single Democratic candidate had answered that the only solution was to shut the company down and finally put it out of its misery.

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