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Post-Credits ‘Marvels’ Scene Teases Better Film That Actors Could’ve Been In If MCU Didn’t Exist

LOS ANGELES—Following the conclusion of The Marvels, the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a post-credits scene teases a much better film that all the actors could’ve been in if the MCU didn’t exist. “After the credits rolled, the screen opened on a mature, compelling drama that featured Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris depicting complex and nuanced characters,” film critic Ross Bowden said Monday, describing the post-credits scene’s intriguing glimpse into an alternate reality in which the entertainment industry wasn’t plagued with the incessant onslaught of mass-produced superhero blockbuster slop, thereby allowing the actors in The Marvels to accept roles that were creatively fulfilling. “You can see how proud the actors are in their work in this hypothetical film. The scene gives a short-but-sweet taste of how the people involved in the making of this film could have created something worth watching instead of churning out the bland, overproduced content represented in The Marvels. You can actually tell the performers are reacting to each other’s emotions and not just standing in front of a green screen. It’s amazing.” At press time, Marvel fans had reportedly slammed the post-credits scene as “so boring.”

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