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Production Delays Cause Film Reboot To Reach Theaters Before Original

LOS ANGELES—Announcing the setback after another director dropped out of the project, Amazon Studios told reporters Tuesday that production delays on an adaption of ’60s action-adventure Hanna-Barbera cartoon The Herculoids had caused the film’s reboot to reach theaters before the original. “Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts made it necessary to delay the film into next year, but that thankfully gives audience several months to enjoy the reboot’s younger, more diverse cast and its fresh take on the forthcoming original,” said studio head Andrew Weissman, hinting to fans that the reboot would bring back several characters who will die in the yet-to-be-released flagship film. “The reboot also include some wry nods to the original film—references that series fans should pick up once the first movie hits theaters next year. And, hey, they might even want to stick around after the credits to see a sneak peek of the first movie.” At press time, production delays had also caused several dozens spinoffs to be released before the original film.

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