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Republicans Rushing To Confirm 6 More Supreme Court Justices Before Election

WASHINGTON—Explaining that they were under a tight deadline, Senate Republicans told reporters Monday they were rushing to confirm six more Supreme Court justices before the election. “We’ve been moving so fast with the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation because there are six more sets of hearings and votes we want to finish within the next week,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, noting that Republicans wanted to make sure, while they still held power to sidestep any Democrat complaints, that they curated a diverse selection of nuanced conservative opinions on the court to rule for the next few decades. “We’re already planning to double up on a couple of the hearings by simultaneously questioning a judge from Virginia with two months of experience and some other judge I’ve never heard of but who’s already been vetted by the Federalist Society. Hopefully, all six are confirmed and sitting on the bench before the American people have their say at the polls.” At press time, all six conservative justices had been confirmed to the Supreme Court and Republican senators had announced they were going to try to fit in 10 more spontaneous confirmations before election day.

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