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RNC Audience Chilled By Tim Scott’s Ominous Story Of Black Man Who Rose To Position Of Power

CHARLOTTE, NC—Admitting that the terrifying details would likely give them nightmares for weeks, Republican National Convention viewers told reporters Tuesday they were chilled by Senator Tim Scott’s ominous story of a black man who rose to a position of power. “Oh my God, just thinking about someone like him overcoming adversity to become the first African American to serve in both the House and the Senate—it sends shivers down my spine,” said Charlotte resident and RNC viewer Anna Lewis, adding that ever since hearing the words “poor black kid” and “American Dream” leave the senator’s mouth, she’d felt more than a little unsafe. “I’ve lived in this country for my entire life, and never ever did I once think I’d see something like what Tim Scott described happening in the United States of America. I’m telling you, if we don’t re-elect Donald Trump, there’s going to be a lot more stories of hardworking people succeeding regardless of race or financial circumstances, and believe me, they’re just going to get scarier.” At press time, several RNC viewers confirmed they couldn’t get the terrifying phrase “from cotton to Congress” from ringing in their ears at night.

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