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Scrambling Democrats Rush To Begin Impeachment Hearings By April

WASHINGTON—In response to calls for urgent action against the president following the storming of the Capitol by an angry mob, scrambling congressional Democrats announced Friday that they were prepared to start impeachment hearings by April. “American democracy is at stake, which is why we’ve convened an investigatory committee with the goal to begin impeachment proceedings against the president of the United States by late April—or May at the very latest,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, adding that Democrats were working day and night to gather evidence after becoming convinced that there was no other option to help the country heal but voting to impeach the sitting president in the spring. “Once we return from our January hiatus, it will be full steam ahead—accounting for our February and March breaks, of course. In fact, to focus our full attention on this effort, we’re also shelving all other legislative plans until summer to devote our full attention to this impeachment effort: No stimulus. No infrastructure. President Trump must go.” Reached for comment, Sen. Mitch McConnell agreed that enough was enough and Senate Republicans were prepared to ratify the impeachment of the sitting president by July.

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