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‘The Office’ Actors Launch Podcast Urging Fans To Try Watching Something New

LOS ANGELES—Responding to countless fan requests for a cast reunion, iHeartMedia announced the launch of a new podcast Monday in which actors from The Office will get together and urge fans to try watching something new. “Every week, your favorite actor from Dunder Mifflin will lead you on a deep dive into the numerous other ways Office fans can spend their time instead of starting the series over again,” said producer Brian Billings, explaining that hosts Brian Baumgartner, Jenna Fischer, and Angela Kinsey will revisit iconic episodes of the beloved NBC sitcom and share exclusive behind-the-scenes stories about other shows that were airing at the same time, as well as listing activities like going on a walk, baking bread, or reading a novel that listeners could be doing instead. “Each episode will feature a selection of Scranton’s most lovable paper pushers really digging into how there are so many other solid shows that would be more rewarding to watch than the ‘Diversity Day’ episode for the 29th time. We’re also going to have a recurring segment in which the writers and crew members behind your favorite moments join the gang to comment on the diminishing returns of watching a show that is more than a decade out of date at this point and how it is almost certainly putting you out of touch with modern culture and the people around you. And Office superfans won’t want to miss Mindy Kaling’s on-air plea for people who use quotations from the show to realize that this whole thing is hardening into an outright pathology.” Billings went on to play a preview clip from the podcast in which Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski reunite to tell listeners that just switching over to the British version of the show doesn’t count.

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