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TV Show Makes Up For Lack Of Diverse Characters With Guy Who Says ‘Abuelita’ A Lot

LOS ANGELES—Apologizing for their blind spot in casting predominantly white actors in the first few seasons, the creators behind the TV show Family Of Five made up for a lack of diverse characters Thursday with a guy who says “abuelita” a lot. “In years past, we took the easy route and ignored diversity, but thanks to our newest addition Juan, who loudly says ‘abuelita’ about 14 to 15 times an episode, that’s no longer an issue,” said showrunner Greg Platt, who added that while Juan only has a few minutes of airtime, he makes up for it by frequently talking about his grandmother Rosa, who loudly refers to him as “mijo.” “While we can’t change the past, we hope that Juan will help us fix our mistakes by occasionally saying simple Spanish words that our audience will definitely understand without subtitles, like ‘hola,’ ‘buenos días’ and ‘gracias.’ Juan may still be new, but we already have tons of exciting words for him to say, like ‘tio,’ ‘mi amor,’ and ‘adios.’” At press time, the showrunners issued an apology after it was revealed that the actor who played Juan was white and had zero latino heritage.

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