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Biden Campaigns Door-To-Door In JPMorgan Chase Headquarters

NEW YORK—As the Democratic presidential nominee ramped up his in-person efforts to get out the vote, members of the Joe Biden campaign reportedly went door-to-door Tuesday in the JPMorgan Chase headquarters. “Door-knocking is a core part of talking to supporters and getting our message out there, which is why we’re spending the day knocking on each and every office door in the entire building,” said Biden deputy campaign manager Pete Kavanaugh, adding that hundreds of volunteers were reaching out to every wealth manager, data analyst, and investment associate at the 383 Madison building to seek support and donations for the Democratic nominee before canvassing at the headquarters of Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. “We explain to every potential supporter what a great candidate Biden is and how his vision for the country will make their lives better. We hope to get a commitment to vote, of course, but a little donation doesn’t hurt either. Polls show that the 12th floor is a tossup so we’re definitely focusing on that. A lot of these people were Hillary [Clinton] supporters in 2016, but we’re not taking anything for granted, and the Wall Street demographic represents our key supporters.” At press time, several members of the Biden campaign team expressed disappointment after speaking with several bankers who said they didn’t really see a difference between the two candidates.

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