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Congress Takes Field Trip To Goldman Sachs To Learn How Laws Get Made

NEW YORK—Listening enraptured as the most powerful people in the world discussed their process, the United States Congress took a field trip to Goldman Sachs headquarters Thursday to learn about how laws get made. “I’ve always wondered how the government decides who is allowed to do what, so it’s really cool to hear how the people in charge make those decisions,” said Illinois representative Cheri Bustos, who stood in line with fellow members of Congress as they received a guided tour of the hallowed Goldman Sachs board room. “I thought it would be boring, but all the stuff about weighing the impact on their bottom line versus the effects of potentially hurting their government tax handouts was really interesting. Plus, the building is so beautiful and modern. It makes me think that I should try and be an investment banker so I can help make these decisions one day.” At press time, the members of the field trip were treated to complimentary gift bags that included watches, vouchers for first-class flights, and $100,000 campaign donations.

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