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Democrats Reach Deal To Introduce Landmark Fundraising Email

WASHINGTON—Hailing it as a historic agreement and a culmination of President Biden’s domestic agenda, congressional Democrats successfully reached a deal Thursday to introduce a landmark fundraising email. “We couldn’t be more thrilled to put forward this extensive, once-in-a-generation communique, which is the first of its kind to include distribution lists from all sitting Democrats in Congress,” said House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, confirming that after weeks of negotiating, the proposed email appealed to moderates with a lower price tag than a proposed mailer or TV ad spot, while also including language about the existential threat of climate change in order to appease progressives. “We’re still hammering out a few of the final details about whether to ask for donations of $10, $15, or $20, but our priority is getting this out the door as quickly as possible and into the inbox of hardworking, everyday Americans where it can make a difference.” At press time, the fundraising email had faltered after Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) expressed serious concerns about the subject line.

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