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Kamala Harris Deeply Troubled By Images Of Haitian Migrants At Border Whom She Distinctly Remembers Telling Not To Come Here

WASHINGTON—Monitoring the tense situation at a migrant camp in Del Rio, TX, Vice President Kamala Harris told reporters Thursday she was deeply troubled by images of U.S. crackdowns on thousands of Haitian asylum seekers whom she distinctly remembers telling not to come here. “What is happening at the border is shocking, to say the least, as it’s only been a few months since I told all these people, to their faces, that they were not welcome in the United States,” said Harris, who lamented a “broken system” in which refugees and other migrants just straight up ignored the things she said. “It is absolutely heartbreaking to give a speech in which I explicitly directed migrants not to approach the U.S.–Mexico border and then have them show up anyway, expecting to be let in. To see these desperate families with no better option available to them fail to take my message to heart—it shakes me to my core. It’s like they didn’t even hear me.” At press time, Harris announced she would be making an emergency trip to the border to meet with Haitian migrants and address their need to hear her say “I told you so.”

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