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Kellyanne Conway Suggests Martin Luther King Jr. Would Have Traveled To Ukraine For Dirt On Biden

WASHINGTON—Praising the civil rights leader for his determination and commitment to justice, Kellyanne Conway, senior counselor to the president, suggested to reporters Monday that Martin Luther King Jr. would have traveled to Ukraine for dirt on Joe Biden. “Dr. Martin Luther King, who was known for his nonviolent tactics, including protests and community organizing, would certainly have traveled abroad to pressure foreign nations to expose a political enemy’s secrets,” said Conway, who explained that if King were alive today, he would without a doubt hop on a flight to Kiev to meet with Ukrainian government officials to acquire potentially damaging information about Biden’s younger son, Hunter. “While much of the United States remains divided, Dr. King had a brave and bold vision hinged on withholding aid from Ukraine for personal political purposes. He understood that civil disobedience is essential in fighting a corrupt system, so he wasn’t afraid to spend the night in jail or do a little quid pro quo. In fact, some of his most famous tweets were written from jail.” Conway added that it was a shame such a great civil rights leader had been impeached so young.

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