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Poll Finds Bloomberg Trailing Among Young Black Males He’s Already Thrown In Prison

HAMDEN, CT—Suggesting continued challenges in the former New York City mayor’s quest for the presidential nomination, a new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University found that Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg was trailing his rivals among young black males he’s already thrown into prison. “Bloomberg is continuing to perform poorly among African American men who were between 16 and 25 years old when they were arrested for possession of marijuana during his tenure as mayor of New York,” said lead pollster Nadia Bresner, confirming that fewer than 2% of survey respondents who were still serving prison sentences as a result of stop-and-frisk policies named Bloomberg as one of their top three favorite candidates. “These numbers suggest that these individuals strongly connected to other candidates’ policies of not having them detained and incarcerated based on their race. It remains to be seen if Bloomberg can bridge the gap of minorities he allowed to be terrorized by the police with another multimillion-dollar TV ad buy.” Bresner added that not all the poll numbers were bad for Bloomberg, noting that he was still beating Pete Buttigieg among young black men the mayor of South Bend had thrown into prison.

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