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Pompeo Clarifies Anyone In Country Can Listen In On Trump Administration Calls By Picking Up Phone, Dialing 9

WASHINGTON—Explaining that his presence on a phone call where President Donald Trump reportedly asked the president of Ukraine to investigate political rival Joe Biden was completely above board, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo clarified Wednesday that anyone in the country can listen in on Trump administration phone calls by picking up their phones and dialing 9. “I’m not sure why the left-wing media and Democrats are so obsessed with the fact that I was on the Ukraine call when anyone in America can join simply by dialing 9—just remember to hit the pound key afterward and it should take you right in,” said Pompeo, further clarifying that while service was a little bit spotty in Alaska and some remote areas in the western states, any U.S. resident with a phone could otherwise access every Trump administration call at any time. “Whenever you want to listen to what Trump’s up to, just hit the 9 key. If the line fills up after the first million people, just press 8 and it’ll take you to a different teleconferencing room. I thought everyone knew about the free administration phone line. We just ask that you stay on mute unless you have something meaningful to add, since it can get kind of chaotic in there. Heck, I was listening in on Trump’s calls with foreign leaders from day one of his administration, way before I was secretary of state. You can learn all kinds of things. And don’t worry, you can listen in from outside the country too—you just need your three-digit country code, although data rates may apply.” At press time, Pompeo was kicking back after dialing 9 and being immediately added to a call in which Trump was trying to convince French president Emmanuel Macron to back a potential military action against Iran.

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